About Us

Mission Statement

The Burloak Soccer Club is dedicated to providing quality soccer programs to the Oakville and Burlington community. We are committed to the highest standards of youth soccer development through instruction, training, and competition. Burloak Soccer allows for the development of success by teaching the components of the sport spectrum: running technique, balance, flexibility, and co-ordination. Such components are not only integral to the game of soccer but are also important elements of a child’s physical development. We offer both recreational and competitive soccer for children and adults starting with our U3 parent and tot programs through to adult. Burloak Soccer Club is an environment that teaches teamwork and respect within a participatory and competitive environment. We strive to provide programs to ensure that every person of all ages and abilities has a place to learn and play “the beautiful game”.







Vision Statement/Philosophy

The Burloak Soccer Club has a vision to prepare our players for the future, both on and off the field. Our mandate is to allow everyone the opportunity to play the game of soccer, while providing an environment where all players enjoy and achieve success. The players with the best demonstrated overall abilities are extracted from our house league system. These players receive instruction under the watchful eyes of highly qualified technical coaches.


We recognize that all players do not develop at the same speed. That is why the individual development of each player is carefully monitored. Our ultimate goal is to:


- Develop individuals into total players through discipline, interaction, positive attitude, and teaching them time management skills

- Enable and assist these young players to be eventually ready to face the real world

- To empower each player by building confidence and raising the soccer standards


Soccer should not be larger than life. Soccer should be kept in its proper perspective. Our goal is to challenge your child to reach his or her comfort level and improve his or herself as a player, and thus as a person. We will attempt to do this in an environment that is fun, yet challenging.